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Between 17 and 30 November, Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk will host the SPAZIO project, an educational and artistic programme for young choreographers aiming to create a new generation of dance makers – people boasting enhanced interdisciplinary knowledge who think in terms of contemporary art and are ready to introduce new ideas to their national stages.

The Poznań part of the project focuses on the subject matter of stage space and lighting design in dance. Apart from practical classes and theoretical lectures for young choreographers, the programme also features open lectures for our audience, comprising lectures and meetings with the invited artists and theoreticians. The programme intends to make participants familiar with the Polish tradition of physical training and working with space, light and voice in theatre shows. With our outstanding guests, we will present how to use the architecture of stage sets to affect the movement of artists on stage and their relationships with viewers, how to construct space using light and how to create a space for activity in the contemporary world using the space of memory. The educational programme will be accompanied by film shows and weekend premières of choreographic performances.

SPAZIO is a European artistic and educational programme for young choreographers. Its interdisciplinary nature reflects the interdisciplinary nature of the art of contemporary dance and its ambition is to create a new generation of dance creators – people enriched with interdisciplinary knowledge who think in terms of contemporary art and are ready to implement new ideas on their national stages.

SPAZIO was developed at the initiative of the brilliant choreographer Emio Greco and his International Choreographic Arts Centre in Amsterdam, in collaboration with organisations like CSC Dance House in Bassano del Grappa, Italy; the Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance in Zagreb and Art Stations Foundation in Poznań in cooperation with The Institute of Music and Dance.

The content-related mentor of SPAZIO in Poland is Jadwiga Majewska, dance critic and theoretician, lecturer at the Jagiellonian University and curator of numerous international educational and artistic projects.

20.11 (Wed) Studio Słodownia +3
Projekcje rejestracji spektakli Jerzego Grotowskiego

7:00 PM

Książę Niezłomny
8:30 PM

wprowadzenie Sylwia Fiałkiewicz Instytut Grotowskiego Pokaz zorganizowany we wspłópracy z Instytutem Grotowskiego

23.11 (Sat) faleria Art Stations
Spaces, a Scene for Human Activity
Open Lectures

Katarzyna Podgórska-Glonti
Personal Spaces. Inspirations for and Sources of Artistic Work
2:00 PM

Robert Ast
Architecture as the Scene of Human Activity
3:30 PM

27.11 (Wed) Studio Słodownia +3
Projekcje rejestracji spektakli Teatru Pieśni Kozła
30.11 (Sat) Słodownia +2
The Body and Voice in Polish Theatre and Dance
Open Lectures

Tomasz Rodowicz
The New Chorea-Unity of Movement, Singing and Words: The Multidimensional Actor
12:00 noon

Anna Królica
Analogies. Kantor and Contemporary Choreography
1:30 PM

Tadeusz Kornaś
Movement and Sound. The Body and Voice in Polish Alternative Theatre

Prof. Jerzy Gurawski
How Kantor and Grotowski Whirled, Moved and Danced in Theatrical Space and How it Came About